The play that inspired the return of the legendary Scottish TV show:
For the first time since the original run thirteen years earlier,
and with an all new cast,
Scotland’s favourite pensioners are BACK!


The Scotsman


Flicker Magazine

Still Game: The Original Stage Play was first performed at the Tron Theatre in 2012 where it ran for a week before touring to FTH theatre to headline Funny in Falkirk and then on to The Ayr Gaiety.

Writer: Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill

Jack: John Love
Victor: Chris McKiddie
Winston: Gary Miller

Director: Clare Sheppard
Producers: Gary Miller, Kenny Boyle

Lighting Design: Adam McCall
Make-up Design: Ruthy Devenny

Still Game has only ever been staged by Kiernan and Hemphill themselves, and by Sonic Boom. The rights to the stage play were acquired by Gary Miller who saw it’s potential to return to the stage.

Hemphill and Kiernan both credit the Sonic Boom stage play as being the motivating factor in their revival of Still Game in the Hydro and for it’s final TV seasons. The duo also donated their royalties from the Sonic Boom production to Age Scotland.

As a symbol of the quality of his performance and the hard work he put into bringing the play back to the stage, Kiernan and Hemphill invited Gary Miller to play the role of Winston’s brother on the Still Game TV show.

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