For Rachael, Ellis and Mellisa it’s the first time they’ve ever been abroad without the constraints of their parents constant watchful eyes. One final adventure together before they all go off to separate colleges or, fingers crossed, maybe even universities.
For Amy, Mellisa’s older sister, it’s a babysitting job from heaven, and a chance to really cut loose.
But when the holiday adventure takes an unexpected turn how close are these best friends, and what secrets are they keeping?

Pensando En Ti  was first performed in January 2012 as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Writer: devised by the cast

Ellis : Catherine Rodgers
Rachael: Stephanie Muirhead
Mellisa: Heather Malcolm

Director: Kenny Boyle

Amy: Clare Sheppard
Liam : Kenny Boyle

All images and text are copyright Sonic Boom Theatre