Jane, Robbie and Kate don’t miss each other. It’s been years since they’ve really spoken. As siblings go they can’t be described as close. But now their terminally ill father has a request for them, one that might strain the already fragile bonds of their family to the point of breaking. The topic of euthanasia and mercy killings is one that exercises the minds of many. No Time Has Passed in Hippoland tells the story of the difficult choices that families are faced with and how it affects those who will be left behind.

No Time has Passed in Hippoland was first performed in the Ramshorn Theatre in June 2010

Writer: Kenny Boyle/ Clare Sheppard

Dad – John Love
Jane – Karen Bartke
Robbie – Kenny Boyle

Director: Charlotte Allen

Kate – Clare Sheppard
Solicitor – Matt Bingham
Nurse – Anne-Marie Feeney

No Time Has Passed In Hippoland was the last play ever to be performed at the Ramshorn Theatre in Glasgow before it was closed.

The final performance of No Time Has Passed in Hippoland closed with a post-show debate where representatives of both pro and anti euthanasia charities were invited to share their views.

The play generated a lot of interest. Zoe Wanamaker wrote a letter of support to Sonic Boom Theatre in which she pointed out how important the play’s themes were.

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