Everyone has heard the story of Alice, the little girl who chased a white rabbit down a rabbit hole to a magical land where nothing was what it seemed. Everyone knows about how she encountered all sorts of bizarre creatures and people, all eccentric, all very mad. Everyone knows she survived the court of the Queen of Hearts and got home.

But do you know what happened next?

Join Alice on her adventure into a chess board world filled with Lions and Unicorns, talking flowers and depressed insects, knights, pawns, Kings and most importantly Queens. Meet Humpty Dumpty, the tweedle twins, a flamboyant hatter and a March Hare full of Anglo Saxon attitudes!

Through the Looking Glass was first performed in the Arches in August 2011

Writer: Lewis Carroll
Adapted by: Kenny Boyle


Alice – Clare Sheppard
Hatta  – Kenny Boyle
Haigha – Tabatha Michaels
White Kitten/White Queen – Edmee Sierts
Black Kitten/Red Queen – Coral Bevan
Red King/Unicorn – Gavin Shankland


Director: Clare Sheppard


Rose/Gnat – Laura McLuskey
Tigerlilly/Lion – Belle Jones
Daisy/Tweedledum – David Boyle
White King/Tweedledee – Greig Taylor
Humpty Dumpty/ Red Knight – Darren Thorpe
Horse/ White Knight – Christopher McKiddie


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