Forever is a heartfelt glimpse into the relationship of Stephen and Vicky, set on the day of Stephen’s wedding… to another woman. When ex-girlfriend Vicky bursts in on nervous groom Stephen, just moments before the arrival of the bride to be, the two have only minutes to find closure on the most significant and painful relationship of their lives, while the waiting guests grow more and more impatient outside the church.

A site specific piece set in C-Venues’ church space, C-Too, director Ben Harrison will be using the church to its full potential.

Funny, sweet, and just a little heart-breaking: ‘Forever’ promises it will never leave you… unless something better comes along.


Edinburgh Guide

Forever  was first performed in November 2012 in The Old Hairdressers and Jermyn Street theatre London and subsequently in August 2013 in Ctoo as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Writer: Clare Sheppard/ Kenny Boyle

Vicky: Clare Sheppard

Director: Ben Harrison

Stephen: Kenny Boyle
Colin: Darren Thorpe

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