Workshops for all ages and all abilities

We can be hired on a sessional basis to provide workshops to groups of all ages and descriptions. Whether you’re looking for a kids drama club, issue based drama workshops in a school or community setting, workshops in acting or writing, or just help putting on your play, we can help!

With an extensive background in youth work and youth theatre, we are highly skilled and experienced in workshop facillitation and can create fun and unique workshops for people of all ages. Our workshops can be tailored to deal with all youth and social issues and can be tied into various elements of the national curriculm or formatted in such a way to allow young people to achieve Dynamic Youth and Youth Achievement Awards.

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can meet your needs!



As well as workshops, Sonic Boom’s quirky, fun style is perfectly suited to work in TIE and children’s theatre and we enjoy bringing bright, high energy, educational theatre to children of all ages in school and community settings. We can create shows dealing with all youth issues or school subjects in an engaging and entertaining fashion. Whether you are looking for something fun, educational or hard hitting we are exactly who you need.

Looking for something for younger children? We can perform for you a variety of fun and whimsical fairy tales and fables, moral tales or original pieces tailored to you. Or if a full scale show isn’t what you’re looking for, you might be interested in some good old fashioned story telling (with voices, of course!).

Any of our TIE or children’s shows can be accompanied with an appropriate workshop.