We support the Ramshorn Theatre

A message from Sonic Boom regarding the imminent closure of the Ramshorn, please read, we need your help TODAY!

Words can’t even adequately convey my feelings about this issue, but, because only by raising awareness can we hope to do anything about it, I’m going to try, unworthy though these words might be.

You see the principal of Strathclyde university, Jim McDonald, has formulated a plan to close the Ramshorn Theatre and therefore leave Strathclyde Theatre Company homeless, potentially crippling the incredible theatre company and destroying the community that call the building home.

Without wishing to sound too melodramatic, this would rip the heart from the merchant city in so many ways. Ramshorn and STG are so prominent in the area, and so suited to the surroundings, that the loss of them would be profoundly felt and change the merchant city in an immeasurable way. It’s sickening to think of Glasgow, hailed as a “city of culture”, losing Ramshorn (along with other wonderful theatres and galleries that are also under threat, or worse, already closed.) But this also wounds me on a deeper level.

When I was first studying acting in college, unsure of myself and my abilities and just desperate to experience the thrill of being part of a professionally staged performance it was STG in the Ramshorn that not only gave me that chance, despite the fact I was young and inexperienced, but took the massive risk of casting me in the lead.

When I returned to acting after a break of many years due to personal issues it was STG and Ramshorn that welcomed me back with open arms, as though I had never left, and let me get back on my feet in what is now my full time profession.

Though it was not through Ramshorn and STG that Clare and I met, it was through Ramshorn that Clare contacted me about writing the play that became “No Time Has Passed in Hippoland”, and through Ramshorn and STG that we would meet and build our script.

And most incredibly of all, it was STG and Ramshorn that had the faith in Clare and I, two brand new, young, Scottish playwrights, and the play we had written. So much faith that they let us stage a rehearsed reading in the theatre and are, in June, allowing us to put on a full production of the show.

We both studied in Strathclyde. We both studied Theatre studies and creative writing. We both put our experiences in university into immediate real world practice, utilising, reinforcing and , most crucially, building on the skills we had learned at the university, thanks purely and solely to the Ramshorn Theatre and STG. There is only so much that can be learned from studying any subject before the only way to learn is by actually doing it, for real. The Ramshorn is where that happens. It’s horrible that Strathclyde doesn’t understand how incredible that is. There is literally nowhere else in Glasgow so supportive and so accessible for young actors, young writers, and students. Strathclyde university have a jewel, something unique, and they think it is coal.

All of this doesn’t even go into the incredible people and close friends we have met through the STG, nor the fact that our lives would have been totally different had Ramshorn not been there.

It’s safe to say that without STG and Ramshorn there would probably never have been a Sonic Boom theatre company. Other theatre companies were also born from within the walls of Ramshorn, and they too would never have come into existence had STG not existed in its spiritual home. The knock on effects of this closure on the arts in Glasgow are unforeseeable, and bleak.

Please, please sign the petition to save the Ramshorn. Glasgow will be a lot less rich without it. The petition can be found here:

every signature counts, it will take literally two minutes, we need you.

Thank you.