We Never Land review in the Scotsman

The Scotsman review We Never Land

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And from our reviews the one thing we’ve learned for sure is this: no cakes next time!

We Never Land

Published by Sally Stott
20 Aug 2014

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotsman review (theatre): We Never Land at C Nova (venue 145). Reviewed by Sally Stott

I am more impressed with Clare Sheppard’s character Wendy, written by Kenny Boyle, than I am with the cakes the company give us.

Supposedly baked by Wendy’s gran, they taste suspiciously like that straight-from-a-box mix, topped with head-rush fake icing. It’s as writer and performer, rather than bakers, that Boyle and Sheppard are talented. In their simple but effective piece – a monologue – Wendy speaks to us seemingly via a suicide video and tells of how she got here.

In other hands, this story of teenage/20-something angst would be banal and predictable, but Boyle’s writing is well-observed, funny and compassionate; delivered with such a lightness of touch by Sheppard that it makes the indulgent subject matter engaging.

Wendy’s renegade mate, who she meets at work in the call centre, is at the heart of things – although this gets a bit lost in her attempts to find her place in the world.

It’s all well-conveyed stuff that develops into a clever structure with a twist at the end, and with a bit more focus on where the drama really comes from it could be a truly special piece.

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Originally published in The Scotsman