The Scotsman review FOREVER

Forever in the Scotsman

Thank you to the Scotsman for this lovely review:

Why are real-life weddings never as dramatic as fictional ones?

Set in St Columba’s-by-the-Castle Church, Glasgow-based writers and performers Clare Sheppard and Kenny Boyle’s relationship drama about a groom confronted by his ex, two minutes before his marriage to another woman, acquires an extra edge.

Two minutes quickly turn to 20 as the couple agonise over their past and whether they want to be together in a well-performed, well put together snapshot of a pinnacle moment in their lives.
The contrast of lifelong commitment with completely cutting off someone you once thought was “forever” is pertinently explored. Can we really love someone one day and then sever all ties the next?

The play suggests not, but we’re left to make our own minds up about what they should do.