The Scotsman review Cat Burglar

The Scotsman review Cat Burglar

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Comedy review: How to Catch a Cat Burglar, Glasgow

By Brian Donaldson
Published on Thursday 21 March 2013 09:05

Although best known for their stage resurrection of Still Game, there’s perhaps more of an obvious link between Sonic Boom’s two successive Glasgow Comedy Festival plays. Scott Miller Is A Lying Cheat was the company’s 2012 affair about a philandering cad, and not knowing quite what or who to believe forms a large part of this year’s production.

How to catch a cat burglar

Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

But when there’s a lack of mutual trust between two very different flatmates, even the shared dilemma of what to do with a captured burglar raises some serious bouts of paranoia.

When Jade (Clare Sheppard) returns to her student accommodation to discover the tied-up and unconscious Brandon (Kenny Boyle), it appears that Abbie (Kirsty Anderson) has violently solved the mystery of the intruder who has been tormenting their halls of residence.

Girly control freak Abbie might be dressed in an animal onesie and has a Peppa Pig duvet cover, while the loose Jade purrs around in a slinky Catwoman-style outfit, but their roles shift throughout as they ponder the fate of their unwelcome visitor.

The play touches on issues of legal and moral confusion when crime crash-lands on to your property, but largely bats them away to get stuck into the laughs as the girls’ already flimsy relationship is stripped bare and the truth about Brandon slowly unravels.

All three actors make a spirited fist of a script that starts off in sprightly fashion but sags in the middle before gathering some good pace towards its finale.

And there are enough Star Wars jokes to satisfy everyone’s inner geek.