The Falkirk Herald review STILL GAME

Falkirk Herald review Still Game

Thank you to reviewer Kirsty Ure for this delightful write up of Still Game!

Still Game – Falkirk Town Hall – Friday, July 27

By Kirsty Beaton

Not many people know – but BBC television show ‘Still Game’ started life as a theatre production. And now, more than a decade after it premiered, the show has made a welcome return to the stage – playing to a sold out Falkirk Town Hall at the weekend.

The jokes were more risqué than the ones the Jack and Victor everyone knows and loves make and the swearing was borderline excessive but the show was absolutely brilliant. Set in the OAPs high rise, the young cast were believable as grumpy old men and gave an energetic performance. The script, although showing slight aging with references to the Millenium, video cassettes and Carol Vorderman presenting ‘Countdown’, was fresh, original and very funny.

Most noticeable difference from the television show was the role of Winston – the character was not a secondary one and the butt of all jokes but instead as important as Jack and Victor. A truly fab show and the highlight of Funny in Falkirk for me so far – if you didn’t catch it you’d better hope Sonic Boom Productions get the rights to put on an extended run.

Best gag: “Pah, boxer? You’re no boxer – closest thing to a boxer you’ve got is patting Big Tam’s dug.”

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