Still Game in the Scotsman

A wee peice about Still Game in the Scotsman this week. Enjoy!

Still Game is to make a return after a six-year absence with the blessing of Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, the duo behind the series.

The duo, who also starred in another BBC comedy hit, Chewing The Fat, have given permission for the stage production.

An unknown cast from the Sonic Boom Theatre Company will lead the production in July, which has already been given the seal of approval by Hemphill after he watched a one-off charity performance of the show by the company last year.

Christoper McKiddie, who will play Victor, said: “He was brilliant. He said it was like ‘an out of body experience’.”

Director Claire Sheppard said that the Hemphill and Kiernan had been approached separately, and had both agreed to waive their royalties fee.

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