What is a Murder Mystery?

Sonic Boom are dedicated to providing high quality, professional and original Murder Mystery events to any venue in Scotland!

Sonic Boom Murder Mysteries are perfect for corporate events, dinner parties (where act 1 takes place immediately before the first course is served, the interrogation takes place during the meal and act 2 happens immediately after the meal) or evening entertainment in a bar, hotel or club. We can adapt our mysteries to suit any group in any space and make it our absolute priority to ensure all of your guests leave remembering a fantastic event. For groups of up to 50 people our mysteries are performed by 3 experienced mystery actors, 5 actors for groups between 50 and 100 and 7 for 100+.

The Event
Before the mystery starts, guests are issued with clue sheets (attached) setting the scene, explaining who the characters are and providing clues of varying usefulness. When you are ready for your mystery to begin the actors will burst into the room and begin a high octane first act complete with full costume and (more often than not) silly voices.
This act introduces all of the characters in person along with bits and pieces of back story and all the information your audience need to start formulating their questions. During this act it is revealed that someone has been murdered and it will be the job of the audience in their teams to interrogate the suspects and determine the means, murder and motive.
This is followed by The Interrogation which is the main part of the event. The actors move from table to table among the audience to be interrogated by each team. During the interrogation the murderer may lie but all other characters must tell the truth.
Actors will remain in character at all times and when a team seems to be struggling will try to guide them in the right direction without giving too much away to make sure everyone has a chance. Throughout the interrogation actors ensure that everyone is included, making sure to have a fun banter with everyone at each table throughout the questioning. In some instances audiences will also be given clues to look at during this time.
Once everyone has had the chance to interrogate each suspect they are given a short amount of time to fill in an answer sheet (attached) on which they make their accusation. These are then collected, read out (and gently ridiculed) by the actors before the second act.
The second act will reveal the answer, but not before every character has been able to explore their own ridiculous theories – as well as those from the audience – giving some bigger personalities from the audience a bit of a roasting along the way where appropriate.
All of our mysteries are challenging but ultimately solvable, entertaining and most importantly funny, so that even those who aren’t too bothered about solving the mystery still leave having had a fantastic night interacting with their colleagues or friends.

Hillarious, thrilling and adaptable to most spaces and events, a murder mystery could be exactly what you’re looking for to bring that extra something to your event. Choose from one of our existing themes or tell us exactly what you want and we’ll create a night of murder tailored to suit you.

Sonic Boom Theatre Company provides high quality murder mystery evenings, using experienced murder mystery actors and original scripts, which can be tailored to any event or audience. We are dedicated to offering a professional and entertaining show to your guests.

These events are designed to both challenge an audience’s sleuthing skills and also, most importantly, entertain. We are not depicting dry, boring, scenes or characters but instead interesting settings and over the top personalities that audiences quickly warm too. These over the top characters are particularly appreciated when your guests have the chance to interview them face to face. Our primary concern is that your guests enjoy themselves and leave feeling entertained.

To book or discuss prices please contact us at sonicboomtheatre@hotmail.co.uk.

Whatever your budget or veune Sonic Boom will give you the best possible value for your money and the best possible show for your event!


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