Testimonials from our Murder Mystery events

Testimonials from our Murder Mystery events in Scotland:

“We really enjoy the murder mysteries because it’s something a bit different to do, you know? And I think what’s really good is getting to interact with the actors, it’s really unique, we really enjoy it! I think as well you get really competitive at these events. I come here with the intention of winning!”
- Jennifer Watt

“It’s fantastic value, getting to watch a wee play and have to sit and solve it. It’s something quite different and interesting. We’re really keen to defend our title now – getting T-shirts made, we’re going all out!
- Catherine Rogers (Of “Trinity”: Reigning Champions of our Glasgow Murder Mystery events)

“At the murder mystery tonight, absolutely loved it. Loads of fun, loads of energy, had a really good night.”
- Dawn Chandler

“I came to the pirate event, I wasn’t too sure what to expect but it was a fantastic show. Very very funny in places and trying to puzzle out what had happened and getting to question them all one by one was great fun, the actors came up with fantastic answers which they obviously had to come up with on the spot, it was a great time. Didn’t get it right in the end but had a great night.”
- Dave Rose

“I attended the murder mystery ‘Pirates’ tonight and I thought it was absolutely fabulous. Did nothing but laugh, thought the script was brilliantly written, fabulously acted by three very very talented actors and we won, which is always a bonus. You’ll love it!”
- Gary Miller

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