Remote Goat review Tragic Magic

Remote Goat review Tragic Magic

“Well crafted magic love story”
by Robert James Peacock for remotegoat on 30/06/14

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One of the centrepiece shows at Edinburgh International Magic Festival, Tragic Magic is a charming piece of one-man theatre – part magic show, part love story.

Portugal-born, Glasgow-based magician Michael Neto takes the stage as Alan Sparks, a failing TV magician who is forced to choose between a once-in-a-lifetime gig in Las Vegas and his newly found love, Emily.

It might not be the world’s greatest love story, but it does serve as a clever and absorbing setting for Neto’s highly polished magic skills. Tricks with cards and handkerchiefs which might have been stale in a straight magic show have a new life in this context, the love story providing a novel way of disarming the audience.

In truth, Neto is neither a particularly powerful actor nor storyteller, even allowing for his distractingly fascinating Portuguese-Glaswegian accent. But what he lacks in theatrical delivery, he more than makes up for with immense personal warmth and charisma. It’s easy to forgive a certain one-dimensionality to the performance when the material is so smartly put together and the pay-offs to the magic tricks so pleasing.

Slick throughout and gasp-inducing in places, there’s no doubting Neto’s conjuring prowess and ability to win over an audience. This is a well-crafted show by a thoroughly likeable entertainer.