Performance Flash Mob

Our planned flashmob in support of Ramshorn theatre and the arts in Glasgow

As you no doubt are all sorely aware the arts in Glasgow, and in the UK, are suffering. Cuts are crippling drama, art and music departments all over the country. Theatres and galleries are closing. Bodies set up specifically to award funding are turning down all that approach them.

At the moment the Ramshorn theatre is at risk, and so Sonic Boom Theatre company, co artistic directed by Clare Sheppard and I, have decided to take action.

More and more important venues and important companies are dying out as we, the artistic community, petition, write to officials, and have small features in newspapers. All of these things are necessary, and raise awareness of the cuts and the threat, but we are all, in some way, performers! And we could make a far bigger impact by doing what we do best.

So we are doing this:

This Monday, the 2nd of May, we are going to hold a flash mob.

For those of you unfamiliar with what a flashmob is: everyone involved shall be going about their business as though they are members of the public on a shopping trip, etc. Upon an exact signal everyone involved in the mob begins a performance, and then, crucially, at a second signal everyone involved returns to what they were doing before and acts as though nothing happened. The effect is a mixture of surrealist otherworldliness and shock.

Our flashmob:
At the exact stroke of 3pm, when there will be the most shoppers etc, at the area of Buchanan Street near the bottom of the stairs of the concert hall, we begin exactly one minute of pure, unhindered performance.
Actors: Perform a monologue.
Singers: Sing!
Make up artists: Bring a friend, and for one minute, make them up.
Dancers: dance!
Directors: parody yourselves and attempt to direct this cacophany.
Camera people: Bring your camera, and film it.
Musicians: Bring your instruments and play
Magicians: do some magic!
Burlesque performers: give people something to talk about!
Anyone I missed: DO WHAT YOU DO!!!

And after one minute, precisely, has elapsed, stop, and leave.

This will be followed by our leaflet ninjas who will descend when our performers have moved on and hand out leaflets and information to the still stunned public standing around.

We need to do what we do best: We need to make a scene, do something incredible, make people take notice. It’s easy to ignore words in a paper, or people handing out flyers! But if we do this we will change people’s day! They will love it, or hate it, and they will tell their friends, but they will NOT ignore us. We’ll be too loud, we’ll be too sudden, and we’ll be too unusual.

Sonic Boom are doing this for the Ramshorn, that is our primary aim, but that doesn’t have to be yours. Too long have the artistic community been fighting their own small battles, it’s time we all unite. This flash mob will be in support of, yes, the Ramshorn, but also the arts in Glasgow, even the UK, as a whole! We call Glasgow a city of culture and slowly the culture is being torn from it, lets do something about it! We might not make a difference, we might not be noticed… but maybe we WILL, and I for one plan to fight, even if I lose.

If you are interested: Meet us in George Square, at 2pm, on Monday the 2nd of May, that is this Monday. Bring anyone you think could participate. If you aren’t confident about performing in the flash mob, we still want you there! Come along and join our ninja leaflet team. The more of us there are, the harder we are to ignore, and the bigger a scene we make: that’s what we want. Enough of being polite!! We are only asking you to perform for literally one minute, and in that 60 seconds to do something amazing.