Performance Flash Mob Video

Video footage of our performance flash mob

On the 2nd of May 2011 Sonic Boom staged a flashmob in support of the Ramshorn theatre.

People in Glasgow are surrounded by culture; and sometimes we forget how important culture and arts are in our community.

We thought the best way to remind people of how surrounded in culture they are metaphorically would be to surround them in it literally, then, after one minute, take it all away, because that is exactly what will happen if something isn’t done about the funding cuts facing our theatres.

The Ramshorn theatre is under immediate threat of closure from the University of Strathclyde, who wish to become a centre of scientific excellence, but this is just the first of a trend. Every theatre and theatre group is under threat. Under the new funding cuts theatres will be forced to increase their prices for hire and for staging performances, and increase their ticket prices. Eventually they will price themselves out of the market. This will lead to closures, as we are seeing with the Ramshorn, and once these cultural landmarks are gone, they are gone.

The idea that science can be so vastly improved by cutting funding to the arts is baffling. There are, in the society of Glasgow, those who are talented in and vocationally drawn towards science, and those who are vocationally drawn and talented in Arts and Culture. If you cut funding to arts and culture it doesn’t change the number of people who are talented in that field, it just limits a proportion of the population from having the means to use their talents and skills to better our society. Cutting funding to the arts to better science is like cutting off your right foot so your left can run faster.

Arts and science shouldn’t be warring rivals. One needs the other to survive. The two are entwined and symbiotic. If you posses only one of these disciplines then you aren’t really complete.

Please make your voice heard! Join the Ramshorns campaign to save the theatre on their official facebook page

Thank you!