Murder Mystery: Noir To Run

The first of a series of gripping murder mystery nights at the Gaiety.


Ayr Gaiety Theatre
Sonic Boom Theatre Company
Thu 18 Jul at 7.30pm

Tickets: £12

Launching a series of ‘Murder Mystery’ evenings at The Gaiety Studio Theatre – our first show is titled ‘Noir To Run’. Enter a world of private detective, spurned lovers and femme fatales. Amidst all of this, a man has died. It’s up to you to discover who could have committed this heinous act, why they did it and most importantly how. A truly interactive theatre experience – watch events unfold then have your chance to interrogate each subject in turn in order to catch a killer. Your sleuthing skills will be pushed to their very limit! Fun, funny, mysterious and a good night for all!

To book tickets please call our Ticket Desk on 01292 288235 (Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm), or pop into our box office. Our new online booking system will be available soon.