MURDER MYSTERY: Dang Dead Desperado

The second in a series of gripping murder mystery nights at the Gaiety

- Sonic Boom Theatre Company
Thu 26 Sept at 7.30pm

Ayr Gaiety
Tickets: £12

The second in our series of ‘Murder Mystery’ evenings at The Gaiety Studio Theatre. This show is titled ‘Dang Dead Desperado’. Welcome to the wild west, and things here sure are wild! Cowboys, card sharps and rustlers are abroad… but that’s not the worst of it… a man has died! It’s up to you to discover who could have committed this heinous act, why they did it and most importantly how. Sonic Boom bring to The Gaiety Studio Theatre a truly interactive theatre experience. Watch events unfold then have your chance to interrogate each subject in turn in order to catch a killer. Your sleuthing skills will be pushed to their very limit! Fun, funny, mysterious and a good night for all! You’re the law in these here parts.

To book tickets please call our Ticket Desk on 01292 288235 (Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm), or pop into our box office. Our new online booking system will be available soon.