How to Catch a Cat Burglar

Sonic Boom's Comedy Festival play for 2013!

Monday 18th / Tuesday 19th March 7.30PM

The Old Hairdressers


What do you do when you walk in on a burglar in your house? You’re allowed to defend yourself, right? But what if you end up with a burglar tied to a chair in your room, threatening to charge you with assault and unlawful imprisonment? And what’s worse, what if your flatmate walks in and develops a bit of a crush on him?

How to Catch a Cat Burglar is the hilarious premier of Sonic Boom’s brand new comedy play. From the company that brought you last year’s sell out hit Scott Miller is a Lying Cheat (“An absolutely genius piece of comedy from Sonic Boom”; “This immensely engaging comedy doesn’t let a minute go by without a hilarious quip or observational witticism.”) and the recent revival of Still Game at the Tron Theare, this laugh out loud play is not to be missed.

JADE: Clare Sheppard
ABBIE: Kirsty Anderson
BRANDON: Kenny Boyle

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