Sonic Boom Theatre is now TWO YEARS OLD!

Yesterday Sonic Boom turned two! So yes, this update is a day late making us late for our own Birthday but we’ve never been a company to play by the rules! We thought we’d alleviate the after party depression that our biggest fans are undoubtedly feeling after the wild parties that surely happened country wide in our honour* by having a look back over the past year, and telling you all what we plan for next year!
*disclaimer: there probably weren’t any parties in our honour. If there were, we’re a little affronted not to have been invited!

We kicked off our year working with Scotland Street School and Glasgow City Council on “The Magical World of Mackintosh”: a site specific performance about Margaret MacDonald and Charles Rennie MacKintosh, and an educational delight for both children and adults. Kenny wore a ridiculous moustache.

Following hot on the heels of MacKintosh’s magical world we brought Scott Miller back after having received enough requests to see the play again that it was beginning to feel a little cruel of us not to! “Scott Miller is a lying Cheat” played to sold out audiences once again in Vespbar’s atmospheric and extremely comfortable basement.

From the basement of Vespbar to the Tron theatre. The middle of the year saw us losing our entire lives for a few months as we, after being approached by Gary Miller with the rights he had been so wonderfully granted by the writers, put Still Game on stage for the first time in over a decade. Still Game was wonderfully received by fans of the show and newcomers alike and went down so well we were invited to perform it again in Falkirk Town Hall as part of the Funny in Falkirk festival. Because of the incredible generosity of Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphil, who waived their own fee to make this possible, 20% of all profit made was donated to Age Scotland, allowing us to donate over £1400 to the charity.

At the later end of the year Clare and Kenny staged Sonic Boom’s third original play. “Forever” played to invited audiences in both The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow and Jermyn Street Theatre in the west end of London (perhaps one of our proudest moments of the year).

Most recently we brought you “How to Catch a Cat Burglar”, our forth original play and a massive success at this year’s Glasgow International Comedy festival. We loved doing this play and have received enough requests that we will certainly be bringing you it again in the future. £1 from every ticket sold was donated to Children in Need. Clare was not dressed as Catwoman.

All of this happened alongside our weekly performance night Three Chord Theatre every Sunday at the Flying Duck, where we showcase talented performers at all levels of their chosen performance area, and regular murder mystery gigs all over Scotland! It’s been a busy year!

we owe so many thanks to so many people. We honestly couldn’t do any of these things, not one, without the support of the wonderful network of truly delightful people we have around us. Thanks to Neil MacMillan! Anna from Scotland Street School and everyone at Scotland Street! All the staff at Vespbar! Greg Hemphil and Ford Kiernan! Andy Arnold and the staff of the Tron! Gemma and everyone at Funny in Falkirk! John Love, Chris McKiddie and Gary Miller! Adam McCall and Ruthy Devenny! Darren Thrope! The staff of The Old Hairdressers! The staff of Jermyn Street Theatre! Emily Tilelli! Kirsty Anderson! The Flying Duck and all of the staff! Every single performer for a year of Three Chord Theatre Sundays! Everyone who hired us for a murder mystery! Our Friends and Family and loved ones! Every single person that came to see one of our shows or events or support us in any way! Anyone we missed (we do love you we’re just forgetful!)

Thank you all so much! And look out for some announcements throughout the course of today!

It’s going to be another glorious year!

Less than three – Kenny and Clare.